Synthesys Review – Use Human-Like Text-to-Speech software for Sales

synthesys review

You want to make marketing videos for your product but do not have a friendly voice? If that is your problem, then this Synthesys review can offer you a favor!

Videos with voices can convert significantly. However, not every one of us is confident enough to record our own voice for the video, and hiring a voice actor or actress may cost you an arm and a leg. For that reason, a lot of text-to-speech software was born, but unfortunately, they sound too robotic.

But don’t panic. In this Synthesys review, I will introduce an excellent voiceover software with real human voices.

Keep on reading to check it out.

Synthesys Review – Product Overview

Product CreatorMario Brown et al
Product NameSynthesys
Release Date2020-Jul-20
Release Time11:00 EDT
Front-End Price$67
Type of ProductText-to-speech
Refund30 Day Money Back Guarantee
RecommendHighly Recommend

What is Synthesys?

Synthesys is a software that lets users convert texts to audio files with human-like voices. It is different from Google’s automatic reader that sounds too fake and robotic. Synthesys uses real human voices, and it sounds like real-human without that “machinery” rhythm and unnatural sound we have been thinking about text-to-speech software.

Inside this product, you will have different kinds of voices and ages to choose from. And what you are going to do is just copy and paste. Synthesys will make the audios sound natural with human-like rising and falling tones. 

About the Vendor

Mario Brown- the creator of Synthesys, is not fresh off the boat in this digital marketing field. He has been launching different digital products such as ADA Comly, SociCake Agency, and VR Agency. His primary purpose is to help online entrepreneurs and affiliates get more sales and make their income goals easier.


1. Human-Like Voice

We all know the jokes around Mr. Google or Mrs. Google, right? That is why, even though text-to-speech technology has existed for years, we can never use it in serious situations like marketing and customer services. 

With Synthesys, the old perspective about voiceover software will be changed forever. Most people do not recognize that the voices of Synthesys are actually from a PC.

2. Copy-and-Paste

Synthesys is made for everyone so it does not require any advanced skills from users. To be honest, it can be easier than using Facebook because all you will ever need to do is pick a voice, copy and paste your content, and click convert. That’s it. 

3. Budget-Saving

Hiring a good voice actor or actress can cost hundreds of dollars if your audio is short, and thousands of dollars if you want a long recording. With Synthesys, the nightmare of going bankrupt will never happen to you. 

4. Time-Saving

Hiring someone to make audios for you or recording yourself may take hours or days to finish. And also, with the favor of Synthesys, you can finish your job in five minutes after you complete your scripting. How wonderful is it, right?

5. Available with Multiple Choices

You may want to know if the voices available in Synthesys are suitable for your projects? Do not worry, because there are different voices such as men, women, young people, older adults, and even kids. So it will definitely be a good fit for any kind of business.

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How Does It Work?

how does it work

Step 1: Discovery – Choose Your Favorite Voice

There are several voice choices for you to choose from kids to the elders and from males to females. Depending on your type of business, some of the choices can be more suitable than the other. So the first thing you need to do is deciding which one to use.

For example, if your business is for middle-aged customers, you can pick a middle-aged man or woman’s voice. If you offer services for mothers and kids, you can choose the kid’s voice. 

Step 2: Create – Write Your Texts

After choosing your favorite voice, you should now sit down and write the content you want the platform to transform into audio. It is highly recommended that you do not use special codes or teen codes such as lol, asap, or something like that because the platform might read it wrong.

When you are done with this work, the next thing to do is just copy it and paste it in the creating area.

Step 3: Launch – Convert to Audio Files and Publish

Lastly, you just need to click the convert button and let the software turn all of your words into audio files. This process might take a few moments. When you have that audio on your PC, you can now freely create videos with audio files by some third-party video-editing software.

Who Is It Made For?


Synthesys is for anyone who would like to create videos without recording themselves. Some of the group below would like to use Synthesys

  • Marketer
  • Affiliates
  • Video Makers
  • YouTubers
  • Online Sellers
  • And so many more

Pros and Cons


  • Simple to use
  • Reasonable price
  • Time-saving
  • Multiple choices
  • Human-like voices


  • Do not have enough kid voices

Price and Evaluation

vu review

The price of Synthesys is $67, slightly higher than the lowest price of most other products. But in general, this is a reasonable price with the extraordinary and exceptional benefits it can bring you. 

Do I recommend this product? Yes, I highly recommend it. There is very little high-quality text-to-speech software in the marketplace nowadays. If your need is to create videos without paying for voiceover services or recording yourself, then do not miss this opportunity to try Synthesys.

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Good videos help you get so much attention from your customers. Unfortunately, not many of us possess an excellent voice or have enough extra money to pay for voice services. Therefore, a good text-to-speech software can be one of the most fabulous favors we need.

As we were going from part to part of this Synthesys review, I guess you have already understood the unique benefits Synthesys can offer. If you are still skeptical about it, you can go pre-hear all of the voices and see the difference. If you need this type of product, do not wait for so long!

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