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EZLocal review

The best approach to generating passive money is online. There are currently limited prospects for traditional firms to enter the industry due to the harsh level of competition there. You must be active or make a significant effort to impact substantially.

The first demanded creative thinking, whereas the second needed financial resources. It can be impossible for some people. But what if I assured you there existed a simple way to generate quality results without putting too much effort into it?

Find out and accomplish your goal with the help of the wonderful application in my EZLocal review.

What Is EZLocal?

It is the most comprehensive appointment planning tool for businesses and local advertisers of all levels. Customers only need to pay the full amount once to have it implemented.

It doesn’t require you any specialized expertise, copywriting, or programming skills are needed; and you can start up in a short time. 

Including the full package, the product will enable your customers to effortlessly make profits online by providing appointment booking solutions to local organizations.

You may easily define your products and providers, show their accessibility, and have regular and potential customers making reservations anytime.

EZLocal Review – Overview

Product CreatorNeil Napier
Product NameEZLocal
Release Date2022-Aug-13
Release Time11:00 EST
Front-End Price$37
Type of ProductSoftware
Refund30 Day Money Back Guarantee
RecommendHighly Recommend

Features And Benefits of EZLocal

  • Generate a customized booking site for any service-based business within a short period
  • Offering 24/7 online booking for customers
  • Sync each of the employees’ dates with the current appointments
  • Send automatic reminders to clients and colleagues
  • Make the schedule easily accessible online for all devices. Lessen the frequency of missed appointments
  • Allow all client data to be readily available
  • The QR-Code contactless scheduling system
  • Multi-Location registration system
  • Reminders via messaging and email
  • Client and admin gateway
  • Accept transactions via various payment gateways, including PayPal, Stripe, and others.
  • Client and staff gateway
  • Video conference – Virtual meeting calendar
  • Digital appointment scheduling using video meetings
  • Scheduling of employees & management
  • Includes multi-currency
  • Offer users deals and packages with booking memberships
  • No need for a website
  • Commercial license with endless traffic included

How To Use EZLocal?

Step 1

Set – Within a few simple clicks, schedule your booking or appointment.

Step 2

Share – Publish a link to your booking homepage on another social media platform or letter to allow customers from all around the globe to schedule your services.

Step 3

Grow – Increase sales, profit, and qualified leads for your company.

Why Should You Have It – EZLocal Review

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Let me show you how simple it is to use the new smart booking application. First, start with the beginning, which is the login site. After successfully logging in to the product, you can notice the dashboard that describes all performance made with the product.

To create a new activity, look for business management on the left panel, then click create a business. Next, add your company name to the box, along with its category and plan you wish. You can define the plans that the customers will have access to. 

There are free, standard, or premium to click on. You can also edit those plans and decide what’s included with them. The options mostly affect the prices, set appointments, galleries, and all features are set in the plans.

Let’s go back to the front side of this to see how it is utilized. Click on the login as a user, and it takes us right into a more option platform. Additionally, a simple wizard to get you started.

Who Is It Made For

You can go ahead and click on set business hours. Set the time that you wish to open. You can also add breaks and finalize that scheduled appointment. 

Click on add staff, create new staff details, and add all the information there. You can then add a customer, then add a service that you offer. 

You can set all of those up on the dental page by adding in the service name, uploading images for it, and assigning staff people to that. When someone creates an appointment, they can choose who they want to work with right from the scheduling.

You may also set up the price, how long it takes, any details on it and if you prefer to show it or hide it. You can then go and review your subscription and click on upgrade to see what additional features you will get.

The customer controls it once they receive the account and is flexible between monthly, yearly, or lifetime upgrades. Feel free to set all the company settings that allow you to determine the information about your company, your logo, and your banner can all be uploaded here.

So on, the general settings allow you to connect with your time zone, currency format, time format, interval settings, working hours, calendars, locations, and coupons if applicable for your appointments.

Review all your options on your main booking page as soon as you have done with the settings. 

What will happen when the customers book an appointment, the system will add them to the database of phone numbers, addresses, and contacts so that you can reach out to them and set up any special notes. 

So to wrap it up, the first step is to set up your service in the dashboard, and then you share your booking url on a social platform or website to get your clients to reach out to you. Then help your clients and grow your business faster than ever before.

Everything I have to mention regarding the product is that it offers a huge potential that allows you to realize your financial objectives. The application is special, and you won’t find anything like it elsewhere. 

A solution that can genuinely assist users in growing their businesses and earning money. I’m astonished at being one of the first to see how it works, and I enjoy applying it myself. 

You should get this tool immediately if you wish to learn how to start incredible projects from actual scratch.

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