Exlweb Review: Modernize Your WordPress eCommerce Can Never Be Easier

exlweb review

Have you been searching for a way to modernize your WordPress eCommerce stores? If so, this Exlweb review will reveal a tool that can help you do it effortlessly!

After surfing one website with the same customization and design for a long time, our customers might get bored. Even though the look of your website might not affect the quality of your products and services, you can still use great-looking designs to grab the attention of your customers. 

In this Exlweb review, I will discuss how we can modernize our old website without paying hundreds or thousands of dollars for website designers. Let’s find out how!

Exlweb Review – Product Overview

overview vsudo

Vendor: Prashant Mantri

Product: ExlWeb

Launch Date and Time: 10 AM, 2021-Apr-13 (EDT)

Front-End Price: $24

Network: JVZoo 

Niche: eCommerce

Launch Special Price: $29

Special $5 Discount for Early Bird at $24

What is Exlweb?


Exlweb was made to help you create sales funnels, landing pages, upsell pages, checkout pages, down Sell pages, and so many more. As this tool is super easy to use, users do not have to spend too much time learning how this software works. 

If you use Exlweb, you can save a lot of money on generating traffic, getting leads, and advertising. All of these repeated works will be done easily on the Exlweb platform, and you won’t have to pay anyone to do these jobs for you. This software product can also be the ultimate tool to save you time and effort invested in your business in the long run. 

There are many tools and features that make this software unique and more useful than many products out there. Therefore, this product will be a good choice for all types of businesses that need different tools to boost sales. If you are interested in learning more about this product, please check the Feature section for more information.

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About the Vendor

Prashant Mantri – the creator of Exlweb – is a digital product producer with many years of experience in this field. As a salesman himself, he tried to help his users drive more traffic and drive sales with various software products. His latest product before Exlweb was JobsPresso. 

Exlweb Features

Build Many Types of Pages – One-Click Sales Funnels

With Exlweb, you can build your own one-click sales funnels and any types of pages you wish to create, such as landing pages, down sell pages, upsell pages, check out pages, thank you pages, and opt-in pages. 

Get Leads

It will be so much easier to get leads as these pages will be the weapon you need to attract more potential clients. 

Attract Traffic

Traffic can be expensive to generate, but with Exlweb, you can get it easily and for free. All of the pages created by this software have used all the great sales strategies to attract, keep, and convert your traffic into profit. 

Boost Sales

With the eCommerce stores and pages made by Exlwebv, it will be more effortless to get more sales as you can interact, engage, and convince your customers to choose your service using these pages. 

Easy Set-Up

Exlweb was made to help people sell and buy easily. Therefore, the customization of the pages created with this product will be really easy to use. 

No Technical Skills Required

Do you need marketing skills, designing skills, or coding skills to create these pages? The answer is No. You will not need any technical skills to get the job done. All you will have to do is choose and use the tools you find useful. 

DFY Themes

You can choose many DFY themes in the Exlweb library to make your pages more stunning. 

Mobile Responsive Designs

The pages made with Exlweb will look great on all devices, including laptops, PC, and mobile phones. 

Email Integration 

The email integration tool allows you to interact with your customers better and level up your customer services. 

Coupons Generation

If you want to attract more buyers using coupons, you can create your unique coupons right on the Exlweb platform. 

Complete Ordering System

Your customers will find it super easy to purchase products from your sales pages as the ordering system is completed. 

Multiple Languages

If you want to reach the global market, Exlweb can also help. You can create pages in any language you choose and start making a profit from other countries’ markets in seconds. 

Global Images

You can pick free and royalty-free images from many different global picture stocks and use them for your business. 

Multiple Currencies

Your customers can pay you in many different currencies in the world. 

How Does It Work?

how does it work

Step 1: Customize Your Designs

First, use the available themes and designs of Exlweb to make your eCommerce stores or different kinds of pages that meet your needs. 

Step 2: Add Your Products’ Information

Add the information about your products so people can decide if these products are the right ones for them. 

Step 3: Decide The Price of Your Product

Pick a price for each product you choose. 

Step 4: Collect Your Payment Methods

Lastly, choose the payment methods you accept. I suggest you make as many payment methods available as possible. 

Who Is It Made For?

Who Is It Made For

Exlweb is for anyone who wants to sell products online, such as:

  • Online sellers
  • Affiliates
  • Marketers
  • Sales pages designers
  • Entrepreneurs 
  • MMOs
  • Teachers/ Trainers/ Coaches who sell courses online
  • And more

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons


  • Reasonable price
  • Easy to use
  • Suitable for different levels of users
  • Work for all niches


  • I have found none so far

Price and Evaluation

Price and Evaluation

You can purchase Exlweb’s front-end plan with only 24. This price includes all the features I mentioned earlier in this review. 

Besides, you can check the other three options that cost somewhere between $42 to $177. These options have more powerful tools and extra features that will help bigger businesses dealing with more products, more clients, and more work to do.

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Making an eCommerce store can be expensive if you do not choose the right tools to use. After talking about Exlweb in this Exlweb review, I wish you already found out that there are many other ways to create sales pages without paying too much money, and this software product is an example. 

If you think this software is useful, try it, and the result will surely never let you down.

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