GoTraffic Commercial Review: A New Solution for Getting Traffic

GoTraffic Commercial Review

Want more influence on social media or to get more sales? With this GoTraffic Commercial review, you will find out how easy it is to get traffic!

No matter if you want to be an influencer on the Internet or want to sell more products online, traffic is crucial. With big traffic, it will be much easier to reach out to more people and benefit from them.

However, not all of us can get traffic so easily unless we have special talent or are super talented. Therefore, in this GoTraffic review, I will show you Gotraffic Commercial – a brand new software you can use to gain more traffic to your Facebook pages and many other platforms.

GoTraffic Commercial Review – Product Overview

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Vendor: Neil Napier

Product: GoTraffic

Launch Date and Time: 11 AM, 2021-Mar-25 (EST)

Front-End Price: $47

Niche: Social Media

What is GoTraffic?

GoTraffic is a brand-new software product made for attracting traffic to users’ social media. A special thing about GoTraffic is that you will not have to pay for the amount of traffic you have, but instead, you can gain big traffic from many different platforms for free. 

As a plug-and-play traffic solution, GoTraffic only needs customizing once, and it will automatically get the job done for you in an entire year. Moreover, this software guarantees the traffic you are going to get is completely ethical and legal. That means it will not steal someone else’s traffic, ever.

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About the Vendor

Neil Napier has been creating a number of products to help business owners become more profitable. Most of the products this vendor offers are the digital tools that users can use to build their business, attract visitors, interact with potential buyers, etc. 

Some of Neil’s most recent creations are Funnelvio, GrabVid, Clickvio, Content Gorilla 2.0, Spyvio, Meetvio Evolution, and 10xSocial. 

GoTraffic Features

With GoTraffic, you’ll be able to have a ton of features, and here are just some of the best benefits you’ll get:


GoTraffic uses AI technology to help people create content, customize their content, and drive traffic. By using AI technology, users are more likely to be satisfied when using software.

Plug-and-Play Traffic Solution

After setting your GoTraffic tools, you will never have to go back and set it over and over again. Why? Because GoTraffic is a set-and-forget software, that means you only set what you want to use once, and the software will repeat the traffic gaining process for you for an entire year. 

Free, Ethical, and Legal Traffic

During the use of GoTraffic, you won’t be asked to pay extra for certain types of traffic. With new technology, this software can bring you new and free traffic without having to pay for ads or hire people.

Besides, the traffic GoTraffic gives you is ethical and legal. As you know, not all traffic is legal or ethical, especially when you use software that spies your potential clients or steals their personal information. With GoTraffic, you will only get ethical traffic, and this feature will prevent you from having problems in the future. 

Operate Different Businesses in One Account

If you run multiple businesses simultaneously, then GoTraffic will be a good choice as it will allow you to run separate businesses in just one account. You will never be faced with creating new accounts for each of your businesses.

Connect with Many Platforms

As a traffic solution software that was made to work with social media, GoTraffic lets its users connect with many different platforms simultaneously. For this reason, you can attract traffic for your Facebook, Instagram, and other platforms at the same time. 

Schedule Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter Posts 

Use Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter to reach out to your customers. GoTraffic will simplify the whole content-posting process as it allows you to schedule your LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter posts effortlessly.

Schedule Your Facebook Group’s Posts

Posting regularly on your Facebook group is also a good way to interact with your people. With GoTraffic, this process cannot be easier as you can pre-write as many posts as you want, then schedule the time these posts are published. 

365 Days of Content Prompts and Pre-Written Content Available

Content is king, and so, GoTraffic offers you 365 days of content prompts and pre-written content. 

Creating Hashtags and Add Them to Your Social Media Posts

Hashtags can attract the right traffic for us. GoTraffic understands this well, and it can help you create suitable hashtags for your services or products, then pull these hashtags to the posts you publish on different social media platforms. 

How Does GoTraffic Work?

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Step 1: Purchase the GoTraffic Commercial Plan

There are many GoTraffic plans to choose from, but we specifically talk about the GoTraffic commercial plan in this article. To use GoTraffic’s commercial license, you will have to choose the plan named “GoTraffic Commercial” or read other plans’ descriptions carefully to ensure the commercial license is included. 

After successfully purchasing the plan, access the platform and start learning about all the tools available for you to use. 

Step 2: Use It to Get Traffic

This is the most important part. When you are already on the platform, you can use its tools to schedule your social media posts, create certain types of content, add hashtags, and operate your businesses. 

Step 3: Repeat the Process

Even though this software can automatically repeat some processes for you, it is suggested that you constantly come back to its platform and check if there is something better you can do to get better results. 

For example, you can regularly come back to check if your old hashtags are still suitable and add or change them if you need to. 

Who Is It Made For?

Who Is It Made For

GoTraffic Commercial is for anyone interested in getting more free traffic for their businesses. Here are the ones who will need GoTraffic the most:

  • Digital marketers
  • Affiliates
  • Freelancers
  • Online business owners
  • Influencers
  • Traffic experts
  • Business solution agents or agencies
  • Local marketers
  • Solo ads vendors
  • And so many more

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons


  • Reasonable price
  • Variety of options 
  • Easy to use
  • Time-saving and money-saving


  • I have found none until this point

Price and Evaluation

Price and Evaluation

The price of GoTraffic Commercial is $47 as a one-time payment. When you purchase this plan, you will have all the benefits I mentioned early, plus more features that have not been mentioned yet. Besides, there are also three other options to choose from that cost around $67 to $297. 

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After offering this GoTraffic Commercial review, I hope you already know the best features and benefits this product can bring you. If you need some software like this, give it a chance, you will not be disappointed.

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